Q4 Etergo Company Update

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We’re back again with more exciting updates Etergo fans!

We recently shared our Q4 Engineering Update, but it’s not all about the engineers. We’ve had a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes that we want to share with you. From updates on investment to Etergo in the news, get your Etergo fix here:

A successful end to our crowdfunding campaign

All good things come to an end and so did our recent crowdfunding campaign. We’ve received a lot of investment so far, making this our largest crowdfunding campaign to date. We still can’t believe that over 6900 people have already invested and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support!


With this latest round, we’ll be ready to go into production in 2020 and start the AppScooter’s country to country roll out (take over) across Europe.

Below you can find where we stand regarding pre-orders and investment availability in different countries along with the expected delivery dates:

Country Expected start of deliveries* Pre-order availability
flagNL April 2020 32 left in Batch 6
Pre-order >
flagDE Q2-Q3 2020 1 left in Batch 6
Pre-order >
flagBE Q3 2020 3 left in Batch 2
Pre-order >
flagUK Q3 2020 13 left in Batch 2
Pre-order >
flagFR Q3 2020 12 left in Batch 2
Pre-order >
flagCH Q3 2020 18 left in Batch 2
Pre-order >
flagES Q3 2020 21 left in Batch 2
Pre-order >
flagIT Q3 2020 23 left in Batch 2
Pre-order >
flagOTHER To be announced Not yet open
Join waitlist >
ASIA  To be announced To be announced 

Riding in style

Sending a big thank you to all the investors who shared their cool design ideas for the Investor Edition AppScooter on our forum. We now have the final results in: matte black with red accents was the winner. Available only for our earliest eligible investors, this will be the first batch to be manufactured in 2020. 


To get a bit of perspective on the current market trends and our strategy going forward, we’ve provided an overview of the markets where we’ll be operating over the next few years.


Fresh news from the Netherlands!

Read the full article here.

We’re launching first in the home of the AppScooter, the Netherlands. The city of Amsterdam (where our awesome HQ is located) already banned petrol scooters built before 2011 back in January 2018 and is gradually increasing the number of banned petrol scooters every year. This has paved the way for electric scooters to start taking over. Below you can see the market growth in electric scooter sales for the EU and NL.



More legislation updates from across Europe are facilitating a major shift in the market:


– Paris is banning scooters built before 2000 in some parts of the city;

– London will introduce an Ultra-Low-Emission-Zone in 2020, requiring every Euro 3 scooter to pay a significant fee to enter the city center;

– In Italy, there are multiple towns that banned or are planning a ban on petrol mopeds incl. Genoa – home of Vespa. E-scooter subsidy: 30% cash;

– Already more than 250 low- emission zones in 12 EU Member States.


Our long term plan is to eventually scale-up into Asia, where a big part of our market is located. As you can see below, China is leading in terms of electrification, Southeast Asia is growing rapidly and India is still in the early stages but all predictions show signs of  major growth in the next few years. These conditions will provide a great basis for Etergo’s kick off into the region.




– Taiwan will ban all petrol scooters in 2035;

– India: the highest Indian planning body advised the government to ban all petrol scooter sales from 2025 (currently ~20.2m units per year). India has also introduced lower sales tax for e-scooters from 12% to 5%;

– In China, some cities are banning high polluting scooters on noise and emissions basis;

– As pollution concerns increase in major Asian cities, a significant pivot towards e-mobility is taking place


Some people ask us why we focus a large part of our M&S efforts online. This is because an increasing part of automotive sales are moving online. Bain & Company expects that up to 45% of automotive industry sales will come from online channels by 2024:

  • The valuation mentioned above is only an estimate, not a guaranteed amount;
  • There is a limited amount of share certificates per tranche;
  • Share price slightly increases per tranche.

This means, the valuation will probably go up slightly as well with every tranche that sells out: Join us today.



We were hard at work to prepare our facilities for the move to our larger office. Everything went super smooth and we’re very happy with the meeting rooms to help increase our productivity.


We’ve built a world class team with over 185 cumulative years of experience in the automotive industry that has built more than 120 motorcycles!

We’ve been hard at work to create a solid and reliable team of talented people from across the world, with more than 27 nationalities today. We’re currently making the first hires for our roll-out into the market. Have a look at our open vacancies here.

For some perspective: the engineering and product group is the largest by far and makes up over 66% of our workforce. It’s composed of many different teams: Mechanical Design, Drivetrain, User interface, Systems engineering, Design, Prototype Build, Quality, Manufacturing, Homologation and Supply Chain.

We’re proud of the team we have today with many experienced, hard working and innovative people from the automotive industry to design, build and deliver you the best 2 wheeled electrified products in the market:



Various media outlets have been reaching out to us as we get closer to our launch date. Below you can find an overview of some of our coverage, including a German Automotive design award and a cool article on the website of the Top Gear team (#lifegoals):



We gave some of our early investors and pre-order customers the opportunity to test our pre-production series on our test track. This was a huge success and we were humbled by the feedback we received from everybody.

Below you can find a video and some pictures from the event:

Check full photo gallery >

Besides our larger event, we had some smaller but fun ones too:

Investors Test Drives 2019
We launched a recurrent series of smaller test-drive events and it’s been great!
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Day of Sustainable Mobility – Utrecht
On October 5, we attended an event to support the Day of Sustainable Mobility.
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