German Youtuber reviews smart elektroroller

With our brand new e-roller, AppScooter, set to hit the German market in 2020, we were super excited when German tech Youtuber, Valentin Möller, came over to Amsterdam to test it out. 

A Leipzig native, about ten years ago Valentin decided to start his own Youtube channel dedicated to his passion for “Technik & Elektromobilität!” 107k subscribers and over 25 million views later, he’s become an authority on the new trends shaping the German tech scene. 

That’s why we were extra excited to find out what he thought about our e-rolla and where he sees elektromobilität in Germany heading. 

The elektromobilität market seems to be exploding right now (especially the market for elektrische rollers). Why do you think that is?

Well, it’s getting warmer and warmer. Space is getting more expensive and there is less parking for cars. More people live in cities and, with that in mind, it makes sense that people want a cheap alternative. And that is a scooter. You can charge it at home, it’s cheap to run and quiet.

What features do you think the German market (your audience in particular) are looking for most in an e-rolla?

Space, comfort for charging and ease of use. Probably anti-theft-features, design and legal considerations (like max speed and the licence you can ride it with).

AppScooter won the German Design Award this year! Read more here

With our tech and our vehicles becoming more interconnected, how do you see the future of elektromobilität in Germany? What trends will be most important?

Ride sharing without a key, recovery of stolen scooters (which is a big problem), preheating in cars and watching Youtube and Netflix while charging.

How did you hear about AppScooter and what attracted you to come to Amsterdam to learn more?

“The first time I actually heard about the AppScooter was when I saw it at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The thing that fascinated me most was just the thought of e-rollers. 

It was one of the first that I saw, but also that it had three batteries, an impressive range, and you could fit a whole beer crate or two helmets inside. It just has a lot of space! 

And I thought that that was pretty amazing. Also, it’s connected. All these things coming together is pretty amazing. And it’s manufactured in Europe. So what more do you want?”

What was your first impression after driving AppScooter?

“I think it was pretty amazing! At first glance I thought that it steers very differently from other scooters that I’ve seen before but I just learned that it’s because of the lower point of gravity. So it’s actually easier to steer. I’m not used to that from riding other scooters and it’s pretty cool!”

This is because of the unique design. Instead of simply placing the batteries in the buddyspace, we designed AppScooter so that the batteries can slide underneath the body of the scooter (underneath your feet). This allowed us to offer 50L of buddyspace and, as an added benefit, improved the handling by placing the weight at the bottom of the scooter, thereby increasing its center of gravity.

Valentin even brought his friend and fellow Youtube influencer, Felix Bahlinger, along for the ride. Felix’s thoughts about AppScooter:

“My friend Valentin wouldn’t stop talking about it so I decided to come check it out. It was the first electric scooter that I ever rode and it was a lot of fun! It had really nice acceleration and it was just… speedy!”

In fact, Valentin was so impressed with AppScooter that he decided to pre-order one for himself. 

Why did you decide to pre-order an AppScooter as opposed to other e-roller brands on the market? 

The space and the storage of the battery. Also the design (love it!) and the infotainment system. I am very excited to finally have it here to check out!

Where will you go with your AppScooter?

Probably I will go shopping with it because I have enough space to buy all the things I need. Visit my grandparents, because that’s quite a ride. And just to friends outside of the city where I live. I have friends that are scattered in the belt around the city and by bike it’s quite far away and we don’t have a car. So that makes sense for me.

Check out Valentin’s review here which goes more in depth about AppScooter’s:

  • 50L buddyspace
  • 7-inch smart infotainment screen
  • Modular lithium-ion batteries
  • 2kw, 4kw and 7kw speed variants
  • And more…

For more on the benefits of elektromobilität check out his video: Sind Elektroautos heute schon günstiger als Verbrennner?!