Emission standards: Banning Petrol Vehicles the Right Move

From the government buildings to the streets, the question, whether petrol vehicles should be banned has had a big effect all over the world. The exciting news is that this has led to many cities taking the step towards innovation and supporting new technologies.

Etergo is happy to be a part of this pivot. That is why we would like to remind our fellow Amsterdammers that soon, January 1st 2018, Amsterdam will be a city without mopeds or scooters produced before 2010 with the aim of lowering pollution levels within the city.

At Etergo, we believe the push to higher emission standards and the ban of petrol two-wheel vehicles is a step in the right direction; not only for the environment but also for society. Today we would like to tell you why we believe in this cause and, hopefully, you would like to join us!

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Emission standards: some background

Let’s start with a little bit of background information to get you up to speed. The emission standards for the petrol engine is the EU’s attempt to reduce the levels of harmful exhaust emissions and regulate the engines in passenger vehicles in Europe. These emissions are actually very harmful to us and can lead to some serious health consequences. This is why the European Union is so keen to lower the amount of toxins and pollutants released by engines. We are glad to see that over time the number of harmful emissions from automobile engines is decreasing, however, at Etergo, we would like to do more.

To get you into our mindset, we would like you to conduct a thought experiment. Imagine you are walking in a big city and the time comes to cross the road, but the stop light signals to wait. As you are waiting to cross the road, in front of you a van stops and at the same time on the other side of the street, a scooter stops. Now give yourself a second to think and answer the question; which vehicle is polluting more?

Some of you may have guessed the van, which is logical. The van is a larger vehicle and would need a larger engine and should as a result release more pollutants into the air. But do we have a surprise for you, it turns out that a petrol scooter engine exhausts 2,700 times more harmful emissions than a van.

Emission standards: what we can do

This is why at Etergo we want to do more. We want to make the scooter engine more friendly to us and the environment. That we why we came up with the concept for AppScooter, and with our product, we aim to disrupt the market with scooters that fully removes any harmful exhaust emissions from its engine.
So yes, we believe that cities starting a ban on petrol mopeds and scooters is the right more for a cleaner future. Higher emission standards are part of that. We are happy to hear that Amsterdam is banning petrol scooters and mopeds produced before 2010 and are excited to bring AppScooter into the market within the next year. If you would like to read more about our upcoming product click here.

We would love to hear what you think about the trend of cities starting to ban petrol scooters in big cities, please comment down below and let us know; for or against it!

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