Dutch e-roller wins 2020 German Design Award

Elektromobilität company, Etergo, recently went home with the prestigious German Design Award for Excellent Product Design in the Motorcycle category for their groundbreaking first product – AppScooter. Set to launch in Germany later this year, the company already has a long list of pre-order customers queuing up to get one. 

So just what does it take to win the award? According to Gemma Riberti, one of the Directors of the German Design Competition:

“We’re really trying to judge based on product functionality and usage, but also on the aesthetic qualities and, not to mention, the sustainability, the circular approach the products have.” 

Indeed, AppScooter, was conceived with the aim to, not only provide a clean elektrisch alternative to petrol rollers, but an alternative that’s exceptional in every way. Some of what makes AppScooter’s design so unique is that, instead of using off the shelf parts, its team of engineers designed and patented their own: 

  • Modular battery pack with a range of up to 240km which riders can simply remove and charge at home overnight
  • Original body design that improves handling and opens up a full 50L of seat storage 
  • Smart infotainment screen that connects with your phone, enabling turn by turn navigation
AppScooter wins 2020 German Design Award

According to Design Team Lead, Thomas Swart, what makes AppScooter special is that:

“In our design, we didn’t compromise on looks even though we tried to get as much functionality as we could for the user. So when you look at our display buttons, or the modular batteries that sit under your feet, or the amount of space you have in the trunk, you normally wouldn’t expect that much functionality from a vehicle that still looks good.”

The judges seemed to agree. Here’s what they had to say about AppScooter:

“The striking design features flowing lines and soft curves that give the electric scooter its own unmistakable identity. The drive system and lighting were perfectly integrated into the body, creating a harmonious, wonderfully clean overall impression.”

This is not the company’s first German award. In September 2019, AppScooter also won the Automotive Brand Contest in the category Future, Mobility & Parts alongside major brands like Ford, Maserati and Bentley. 

Check out this review from German Technik & Elektromobilität Youtuber, Valentin Möller.

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