AppScooter: Charging the Battery

AppScooter’s modular lithium battery module was engineered to provide up to 240km in range (with three modules in place). It was also designed for easy mounting within AppScooter, quick removal, transportability and almost effortless charging in mind.

Plug In and Forget It

There are two convenient ways to charge your AppScooter batteries for different scenarios. First, simply park your AppScooter near a 220v/110v socket, and use the provided 6 meter cord to plug in. Depending on number of modules charging and which charger you’ve purchased (standard or fast), your AppScooter will be charged between 2.5 and 8 hours.

If there’s no ground floor socket nearby, we’ve created a simple solution for this as well.

image of battery at home.

The Battery That Goes Where You Go

Remove the battery module from within AppScooter’s Buddy Space section; at only 7.5kg, the high capacity battery is light enough to carry around and with its convenient shoulder strap, simply slip it on and bring it inside for charging. Any standard wall socket will do. Be it your home, office, or 30th floor hotel room, you can easily charge AppScooter’s battery wherever you may be.

As your battery is never exposed to the elements due to its storage location within AppScooter, bringing a dirty module into your clean home is never an issue. You really can plug in and forget it until it’s time to ride once again.

Would you like to pre-order your own AppScooter? It’s easy to do.

Simply follow this link to begin your AppScooter journey!

Image of a Battery module with title and button
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