AppScooter: The Road to the Big Reveal

The last year has been a race; a race to get our first pre-production AppScooter built, certified and into the world. Homologation testing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and much more go into ensuring the legal roadworthiness of any brand new e-vehicle. Our engineers have been working tirelessly for months, often taking late nights and giving up weekends to ensure our pre-production AppScooters were built on schedule, and we genuinely could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication they have put in to getting this done.

Before our pre-production AppScooter hit the streets, however, we needed a couple to make a slightly shorter, just as important journey onto a bright stage in front of waiting fans and supporters.

AppScooter on stage.


AppScooter experienced its first true foray into the public eye at the Amsterdam Theater on July 6th. Early-adopters, investors, fans and press turned out to meet the team, learn where we are as a company, and see AppScooter in the flesh. No matter how prepared you are, it’s always a bit nerve-racking to put together a large event, and we were definitely not free of butterflies in our collective stomachs as the clock ticked down to the presentation and big reveal. AppScooter has been a labor of love for a lot of people. Introducing it to the world is a big deal!

Of course, once the building filled with excited guests and everything got underway, nerves turned to anticipation. After co-founder Bart and Marijn’s livestreamed presentation detailing, amongst other things, AppScooter’s launch plans for 2019 and beyond (don’t worry, we’ll get to that), the reveal was quickly upon us. Our first engineer and designer, Joris and Thomas respectively, drove an AppScooter each onstage to rousing applause. This is a moment we’d been waiting for for a very long time.

AppScooter was here, for everyone to see and interact with. The response was incredibly positive, with a night of new pre-orders and lots of questions for staff manning AppScooter stations in the lobby after the presentation. The free prosecco was nice too.

But that wasn’t the only step forward on the road to our eventual production series debut.

*Missed the unveil? Catch up by clicking here to watch the full presentation and AppScooter reveal.

Etergo launch event


As well as the event being a fantastic chance to show-off AppScooter, we proudly unveiled our new name and visual branding (which you likely have already noticed since you’re here).

Bolt Mobility is no more. We are Etergo. Etergo forever! Viva Etergo! Etergooooo!

We really like our new name.

Why the change? After checking all the countries we wanted to launch products in (not just AppScooter), detailed legal research by our lawyers showed 14 red flags for Bolt that could potentially cause serious legal claims in the near future. They strongly advised changing the name, so we took it as a challenge to create something unique and specific to us.

After much research, polling and double checking, we found something that felt very right, with a meaning that meshed deeply with our goals and ethos.

Et Ergo stands for, “And therefore,” in Latin. This company was founded as an answer to pressing issues we’re facing as an international community. We want the world to embrace clean, smart mobility. We want to make e-transportation more than just the wealthy can afford. We want to make an impact in creating a greener future.

And therefore, AppScooter.

Etergo is the perfect distillation of who we are in a name. We think it’s Great. Speaking of Great…


With so many new developments, we felt it also right to bring our website up to standard going forward. It needed future proofing, more editability, and a cleaner, more intuitive interface for everyone to navigate. is the homebase for all things AppScooter, and we’ll be adding more and more to it as time goes on. It will also become a hub for new and future AppScooter users, with a forum waiting in the wings for our community to come together and chat with us, and one another.

It is also, of course, the place to pre-order your own AppScooter, and take advantage of our upcoming investment rounds.


For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to check out the presentation, or visit our FAQ (though we highly recommend doing so, check it out here), this is where to pay attention. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning as an early adopter, have recently placed your pre-order, or are still waiting for the right moment to join the AppScooter family, here are the details you’re probably most interested in now.

AppScooter will be available starting at €3399, with leasing and financing options available before deliveries start. AppScooter’s final price depends on your configuration and options. €290 is required in order to pre-order, the rest of the final payment is due before delivery.

Presentation from Unveil Event

But, when will said deliveries begin, and where?

The first deliveries will start in beginning of 2020. Check the pre-order availability here:

AppScooter will be delivered to your home address or any other address you wish. The actual delivery will be prioritized based on the number of pre-orders in a region. The more pre-orders in your region, the sooner we will start delivery.

What does this mean for those outside of these regions, and additionally, outside of the EU? We have plans to expand beyond our European borders, with Asia next on our list, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up to our waitlist in other parts of the world. As soon as your region has been unlocked for pre-orders, you’ll be the first to know!

Fore more details on delivery, servicing and more, hit up that Etergo FAQ.

What’s Next?

Quite a lot, actually. This is just the beginning of our new AppScooter blog. We will be frequently updating all of you with our progress, engineering updates (get excited, tech nuts!), employee profiles, and a much more. There is so much happening at Etergo these days, and we would be remiss not to share all of these informative goodies with you.

Until next time!

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