AppScooter Referral Program

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Pre-ordering an AppScooter is great! You’re on the road to cleaner personal mobility, doing your part to make the world a more environmentally friendly place to live and drive.

But why stop with just you? Etergo’s AppScooter Referral Program gives you the opportunity to spread the word about the safest, most connected e-scooter on the planet, and offers you a chance at a discount on your own AppScooter when it’s time to make your final payment.

It’s simple – recommend AppScooter to a friend. If they pre-order using your unique link (you’ll find it at the bottom of the checkout page once you’ve completed your own pre-order), you both get a 100 Euro discount on your AppScooters. But it doesn’t end there! The more friends you convince to pre-order, the more 100 Euro discounts you get. If you know looooots of folks that love the environment and rad electric scooters, you could potentially get an enormous discount on AppScooter by accruing pre-order friends and family!

And we’ve made it easy for you to share. You can copy/paste your unique link and send it to friends, or you can click on the social media selections at the bottom of the checkout success page to automatically generate a post on your platform of choice.

Either way, it’s a great opportunity to get people excited about clean electric mobility, and an excellent way to save some cash in the process.

Win-win! Until next time, -Team Etergo