AppScooter: The Cockpit

Everything you need to know, sitting still or on the go

Graph showing traffic fatalities in the US.

Did you know smartphone usage is the leading cause of traffic fatalities on the planet?

It’s true.

We are so connected to our devices, even being 160 times more likely to crash while viewing our phones during operation of a vehicle does not dissuade 70% of the population from doing so. High traffic fines are having negligible effect on this deadly habit.

So what do we do?

AppScooters’ 7 inch Touchscreen: Keeping Riders Safe While Connected

High-end car manufacturers have produced integrating device services into their cockpits to varying success. Bluetooth connection, steering wheel buttons, and screens are meant to provide safer driving options for device users on the go, but this has largely evaded the scooter market, and it’s certainly never been affordable to the average rider. Until now.

AppScooter’s nerve center is its 7 inch Touchscreen. Through Bluetooth connection, you control your phone via the touchscreen or AppScooter’s conveniently placed thumb buttons. Riders never have to remove the phone from their pocket while riding, which is exactly where it belongs when on the road.

Image of the cockpit at the Unveil Event

Smart Functionality to Keep Your Ride Safe

AppScooter knows when to let you interact with its touchscreen, how much information should be presented, and provides the perfect control options when you’re on the move.

At a complete stop, AppScooter’s 7 inch Touchscreen is fully functional, with access to your navigation apps, music, phone calls and more. When riding, however, AppScooter limits notifications and pop-ups, while also disabling touch input on the screen. This is where the thumb buttons come into play, allowing riders to send callers an automated response, switch songs and control your navigation app without ever taking your hands off the handlebars.

AppScooter’s engineers have found the ideal balance to maintain your connected life, without the dangers of losing it through unnecessary distraction. A luxury service at a non-luxury price.

Would you like to pre-order your own AppScooter? It’s easy to do.

Simply follow this link to begin your AppScooter journey!

Image of the AppScooter cockpit
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