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Take it all with you

There is often a sacrifice one makes as an e-scooter driver. You’ve passed on the petrol, only to give up the convenience of a roomy car trunk for groceries, gym gear, picnic baskets and other essentials. You might think it’s a small price to pay to go electric, but why give that up?

Add-on storage boxes and trunks for scooters and mopeds are great, but they can be expensive, not optimized for your scooter’s shape, very limited in space and blatantly advertise to thieves that you’ve got something to steal. That’s no bueno, my friends.

Even when you do have a storage feature in your scooter, much of it is taken up by your battery, eating away precious real estate for the stuff you’d like to take with you.

AppScooter has the solution for all of the above. A rather large one.

AppScooter Buddy Space


AppScooter’s Buddy Space is 50L of spacious storage, the largest available in any scooter to date. What’s more, you don’t have to give up any of it for our expertly designed batteries, even if you have all three installed at once! While the batteries are indeed inserted via the Buddy Space compartment, they are secured within the frame. Every bit of that 50L of storage is yours to do with as you please.

Though we don’t suggest filling it with loose oatmeal or livestock.


Due to its curved, rather than boxy shape, the Buddy Space can accommodate much more than it would with a more traditional design aesthetic. It’s so seamlessly incorporated into the overall design you may even forgot it’s there until you need it. Simply unlock with your electronic fob, and open.

No more worrying about switching to the car for errands. Get your two weeks of groceries in one go. Take your picnic and boombox to the beach no problem. Your gym equipment? It’ll fit without any fuss. Want to take a friend on a spontaneous ride through the city? The Buddy Space has ample room for two adult helmets. When you’re done, it automatically locks securely when you close it.

So get on with your day without fear of whether or not you need to switch to a car, or make two trips. AppScooter’s Buddy Space absolutely has you covered.

Are you ready to pre-order your very own AppScooter? It’s easy!

Simply follow this link to begin your AppScooter journey!

Buddy Space Image
The seat storage fits two large helmets!
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