AppScooter: The Battery

Engineered with Convenience in Mind

An e-scooter makes its mark by the efficiency of its battery. It has to be durable, simple to use and easy to charge.

When conceptualizing AppScooter, we didn’t just copy the battery placement design of our competitors. Everything about AppScooter was purpose-built to be different, and better.

A Unique Fit, Intelligent Placement

A typical e-scooter is built with a storage space, of which a significant portion is taken up by your battery. As you may have read in our post about the Buddy Space, that is not the case for AppScooter. Our engineers established a way to easily insert AppScooter’s batteries through the Buddy Space into the frame itself under your feet, freeing up your 55L Buddy Space for actual storage of your items. And, the battery is just as simple to remove from its compartment as it is to store it.

At 8.5kg each, AppScooter’s batteries are sturdy but still light to carry, and we used the weight to our advantage. By placing the battery modules as low in the frame as possible, we’ve given AppScooter and even lower center of gravity, making it more stable and  maneuverable.

This placement within the frame called for a unique battery shape, and presented us with an interesting, stylish carry feature.

Image of battery at unveil event

Curved and Carriable

The curved shape of the AppScooter battery case is a signature feature. We didn’t want a large, clunky cubed battery case. Our protected plastic and aluminum case is not only durable, but also incredibly simple to carry based off this design.

The curved shape is perfect for the built-in shoulder strap, allowing a more natural and unobtrusive hang when carrying it inside for charging.

Room for More Batteries, More Range

Since we’ve designed AppScooter’s batteries to fit inside the frame rather than in the Buddy Space, we also had more room for more batteries. Three, in fact. This made sense for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the comparative convenience of spreading weight amongst three simple to carry battery cases over one large, unruly battery weighing up to 23kg. We still accepted no compromises on performance, with each battery offering 1.2kWh of power per module.

Having three batteries also makes for a more versatile AppScooter for your personal needs. Not everyone wants three batteries; breaking them up into three means riders can make the choice to purchase more in the future as their needs change.

Three modules also offers riders the opportunity to swap out the batteries; with competitors, you’ll often need to wait for a single battery to charge. With AppScooter you can leave one charging at home while you go about your business, and switch them out at your convenience. Speaking of charging…

Bart with battery at Unveil Event

Easy Plug-and-Charge

AppScooter’s charger is universal, offering two main avenues for charging. The first is directly from AppScooter to charging station. The charging port inside the Buddy Space keeps the frame aesthetic simple and sleek. Simply lift your seat, plug in, close the seat and leave however many batteries you have installed safely locked away and happily charging.

The second option is just as easy. With a simple button release, the battery slides from its housing within AppScooter’s frame. Carry your batteries inside via the convenient shoulder strap, and plug them into any power outlet.

Additional Specs

Max Discharge Power: 3kW per Module
Max Charge Power: 600 W per Module
Max Regen. Power: 1250 W per module
Range: 80km per module at 20km/h*
Regenerative Braking System

*based on simulations and subject to change, depends on the number of modules, based on 3 battery modules

Normal charger: Max power: 250 W. Charge time:  3.7 hr (80% full) / 5.5 hr (100% full)
Fast charger: Max power = 600 W. Charge time: 1.5 hr (80% full) / 2.3 hr (100% full)
2 years Warranty, supporting 600 charge cycles. To find out more about charging and battery longevity, click here.

Would you like to pre-order your own AppScooter? It’s easy to do.

Simply follow this link to begin your AppScooter journey!

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