AppScooter Winning Big at CES 2019

For the first time ever, Etergo has brought AppScooter to the United States, at the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world. CES 2019 in Las Vegas is host to over four-thousand companies and close to two-hundred thousand visitors.

Showcasing at the Holland Pavilion, AppScooter has already made a splash, winning the IHS Markit Innovation Award, created to highlight the most innovative technology products submitted by event exhibitors. This is a huge honour for us, and a testament to our belief that AppScooter can lead the way to a more sustainable, clean future in personal transportation. And hey, the competition was fierce. There were flying cars in our category! We also won the Techstars Pitch Competition for startups in the mobility category, where competitors had to pitch their product in sixty seconds.

All-in-all, it was a great showing for AppScooter in Vegas, and the press took notice as well. We received coverage from NBC affiliates from Vegas, all the way to the Bay Area of Northern California, as well as mentions in publications like Mashable, and YouTube channel Computer Bild TV.

We also received a lot of love from back home, with Startup Delta in Amsterdam Tweeting about us and other Dutch innovators at CES Vegas, had a visit from Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands at the pavilion and got a mention from our friends at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC.

While we are hyper-focused on AppScooter’s Europe release later this year and making that a huge success, America is absolutely on our radar, with an estimated debut in late 2020 for our US fans. Being able to show off AppScooter in a massive market far away from our HQ in Amsterdam, and being received with such warmth and enthusiasm from fans and press alike has proven to us that Etergo is on the right path. Also, we aren’t stopping with AppScooter!

As we get closer to AppScooter’s release into the wild, we have big plans for future Etergo products designed with clean, sustainability in mind. Keep an eye out for us at more trade shows across the world. We have much more in store, and can’t wait for you to take this journey with us!

– Team Etergo

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