An electric scooter seat made for a rider like you

Our first production seats finally arrived at our Etergo HQ the other week. We were all super excited to finally see, feel and test the final product and we think you will be too! 

You may be thinking… just how much can we say about a resting place for your backside? First of all, never underestimate the benefits a well-designed seat can have on your … assets. If you’re cruising around on your scooter every day, you need comfort.

But after a talk with our talented team of engineers, I also found out there’s so much more to this comfy seat, in terms of functionality and even hidden surprises, than meets the eye. 

AppScooter's production seat is in!

So let’s open the seat up and find out what’s going on underneath that smooth exterior…

Mechanical design cool factors

Etergo engineer, Francois Dagry, hard at work building the scooter's seat

Etergo engineer, François Dagry, took us through some of the mechanical design elements that make AppScooter’s seat special. 

As Francois explained, “the seat is completely our design.” 

From the sleek exterior, down to the tiny nuts and bolts, it was the result of a collaboration between our design and engineering teams. 

That’s why we were (a bit) excited to receive the first production models from our European manufacturer. 

Let’s start off with the basics:

Protect the junk in your trunk

What's underneath our electric scooter's seat?

The lines underneath the seat aren’t just there to look cool. By directing pressure across the seat, instead of downwards, this corrugated design provides the mechanical strength and impact resistance needed to keep the shape of the seat while you (and even a friend) are sitting. 

To put this into perspective, this design element keeps whatever you have in your buddy space, whether helmets, groceries, gym equipment, or even your crate of beer, safe from harm.

When you don’t want to shake it like a polaroid picture

When you put your seat back down, two guiders on either side line up with corresponding spaces on the rim of the buddyspace, locking it in tight. 

This ensures your seat won’t move from side to side while the scooter is in motion, keeping it steady and comfortable.

Now for the extra cool features…

  1. Unlock the seat electronically
AppScooter's handy electronic keyfob

Unlock the seat electronically using our handy electronic keyfob or our brand new Etergo Companion App. AppScooter also comes with a key which you can use to open the seat manually in case of low batteries. 

2. Hook for two helmets

We’ve added in two hooks on either side of the hinge where you can hang two helmets. This way, if your buddy space is already full, you can instead close your seat, using the straps to keep your helmet(s) locked in tight. This is a particularly useful feature in big cities like Amsterdam, where anti-theft measures are a must-have.

3. Lock up while charging up

Hidden features underneath AppScooter's seat

As you may already know, AppScooter’s charging port is located inside the buddy space. But this doesn’t mean you have to leave the seat open to charge your AppScooter outdoors. There’s a groove in the rim of the buddy space made so that you can run your charging cable underneath, even when it’s locked.   

4. Secret storage space

Where you can fit small grocery bags, a seat cover or whatever… 

Ergonomic design cool factors

Etergo Design Team Lead, Thomas Swart, showing us AppScooter's stylish seat design

Next, let’s move on to the exterior design elements that make our AppScooter a beauty to see and sit on. Speaking with Etergo’s Design Team Lead, Thomas Swart, he explained:

“We wanted to design a scooter that’s completely comfortable for a rider and passenger.” 

Also because of the large size of our buddy space (50L), the back end is particularly wide compared to most other scooters on the market, providing plenty of seating space. 

Cool factors: 

  1. Our seats are vegan-friendly

To answer one of the most commonly asked questions: yes, our seat is vegan-friendly. We didn’t want to build an electric scooter with a leather seat. It simply didn’t fit with our values as a company. 

In fact, Thomas also prefers the faux leather material from an aesthetic point of view. “When you look at the texture, it looks similar to leather but it’s different. You wouldn’t be able to get that texture with leather. In my opinion, it gives the seat a modern look.”

2. Bright red stitching on our exclusive Investor Edition AppScooter

We wanted to offer our awesome investors something special, so we created a custom Investor Edition AppScooter with some special detailing, including the red stitching you see here. The cool thing is, our investors got to vote for their top colour choice on our Etergo forum. In the end, between red, gold, green, blue and black, red was the winner. 

(Thomas admitted he was secretly glad they picked the red stitching because it makes the scooter look sportier, usually appeals to a wider audience… not to mention the fact that it simply looks cool.)

It's all in the detail. Close up of red stitching on AppScooter Investor Edition

3. Keep your pants dry

Have you ever dried off your scooter or bike seat after it rains only to have water squish out from the seams (and onto your dry pants) when you sit down? Not to worry, AppScooter has you covered. 

“There’s a plastic liner on the inside, in between the seams to prevent water from soaking in,” Thomas said.  

Plastic liners underneath AppScooter's seat stitching

AppScooter, keeping your butt dry and your dignity intact, wherever you go.

From the smooth ergonomic design we can see on the surface to the hidden features underneath, the seat is a result of talented minds coming together to create an amazing feature with the everyday rider in mind. Great job guys!