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We are excited to announce that Etergo is moving to a new location – Amsterdam! We have evolved a lot in the past two and a half years, beginning with just an idea and now preparing a revolutionary product for series manufacturing.

Until now the Etergo team was located in a start-up incubator in Delft, working hard to make AppScooter the best performing scooter in the market. We loved being in Delft, especially Yes!Delft was perfect for our work so far. The network of coaches and close proximity to the TUD and some of the best student teams in the world was great to learn a lot about building a great business and product, in a short period of time. However, we are now growing fast, require more flexibility from our facilities and need to prepare for our go-to market in a facility that is worthy of the worldwide brand we want to build.

Also, wouldn’t you agree that it is about time that we showcase the AppScooter? Wouldn’t you like to sit on the AppScooter and see just what this baby can do? We do, and that is why (drum roll) we are moving our office to Amsterdam. We will start by first opening our work spaces and later on in 2018 we will be opening our showroom.

We believe this is the perfect move for us due to the new environmental legislation, such as, the ban on petrol scooters manufactured before 2011 and the push towards sustainable technology, which you can read more about here: Emission standards: Banning Petrol Vehicles the Right Move. As result, this will give Etergo many opportunities that will help bring more awareness to our great product. We sincerely feel that you have been a part of this journey from the very beginning and to show our thanks we would like to share with you our excitement about the move and give you an exclusive sneak-peek into our new office.

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Why Amsterdam? 

After analysing all feasible alternatives, getting input from different advisors and building some nice excel sheets with travel times for employees and customers, this location in Amsterdam was selected as the best spot for our new headquarters. There are two main reasons for this;

Team & Recruitment in Amsterdam: Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands with the most diverse and highly educated workforce. We mapped the various skills needed for growing our business in the short- and long term and found that we can grow faster if we can more easily hire people from outside of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has the best social support network for most efficient in terms of travel time for employees and customers. The easy access to the city from different countries. The large amount of high-skilled employees.

Marketing & Customers in Amsterdam: Amsterdam has the highest number of scooters in the Netherlands and from January 2018, all petrol scooters built before 2011 will be banned. The motion to take this regulation national has already been approved, but for now Amsterdam will become a huge replacement market, with around 77% of all petrol scooters being banned. It is the best location in the Netherlands to launch a global brand (Amsterdam is in many countries better known than the Netherlands itself..) with the highest density of influencers and more than 10x the number of yearly tourists than any other city in the Netherlands. The average buying power is the highest of any city in the Netherlands and there is a lot of growth in online purchases, which are quite important when launching a premium product through an online sales channel. In addition, there are even serious talks about banning all cars from the city center; which pretty much makes it the best location to launch a lightweight electric vehicle business that wants to take over the world 😉

At Etergo there is a lot of excitement around our new Amsterdam HQ we would like to share our excitement with you by giving some insights about the new space.

Etergo’s Workspace in Amsterdam. To start off our new location in Amsterdam will represent the core values of our company one of them being, openness. You will notice that our space has an open floor plan, making it very easy for our different department teams to collaborate and discuss important ideas or questions that may arise. We have put much thought to make the collaboration process as simple and practical as possible. Whether working solo or in a group, we want to assure a smooth and efficient work experience. For instance, when an employee will need to address something with a co-worker; that person will be a turning distance away (either from left, right, or behind them).

As always, a very important part of our company culture is that every person in our Etergo Team has the chance to speak their mind, to make room for different perspectives and understandings. That being so, we want to make sure our new HQ space encourages employees to feel comfortable when speaking their mind and collaborate when necessary; resulting in higher quality, creativity, and innovation.

While designing our workspace we have put thought into how to make the collaboration process efficient and simple, the working tables are placed in a way that will allow optimum communication with coworkers. Our office will thirty work spaces, allowing room for growth. At Etergo we believe our team and work environment are the first priority of our adventure and we aim to become one of the best places to work in the Netherlands. We strive at being a multicultural company that embraces talent, in all thinkable forms. We pride ourselves on being innovators and work in a flat agile team structures with cross-functional teams of exceptionally smart people that love building stuff and of which many have been tinkering since their early teens. Our new location will is developed to facilitate the growth of these core strengths to create an environment where innovators can flourish.

Whether an individual would like to work alone on a desk, grab some coffee from the Etergo Café, or blow off some steam with the team while playing ping-pong; he or she will feel proud to work at Etergo. So, we now have more room to fit many more team members in our awesome new Amsterdam HQ. Have a look at our vacancies and see if think you have what it takes to be working in the coolest lightweight electric vehicles startup of Europe.

Design. AppScooter® is one elegantly designed smart machine in which hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of mass market scooters that’s better by any measure. At Etergo we pride ourselves with the beautiful, clean design of AppScooter, a merger between timeless lines and the latest of technological innovation; a high-performing and premium quality electric scooter that you actually want to have. You will find the same principles of design and functional integration to be used in our new Headquarters. We took inspiration from giants in design such as Apple and some of the top car brands in the world. We have chosen a slightly softer white with natural earthy tones all throughout the space, showing our love for clean design and nature (part of the reason why we are an electric mobility company).

Etergo’s Showroom in Amsterdam. We are really excited about this part of the office, this is where you will be able to experience our new and exciting product, AppScooter. Up until now you have read about, heard about, and virtually seen our revolutionary product but you have yet to actually feel it. This exact spot is where we will be showing you the amazing capabilities of our scooter and the cool ways the AppScooter will make your life better. Once we launch our product, we want to make sure that your AppScooter building experience is incomparable to any purchase you have made so far. For the past two years we have been solely focused on the research and development of AppScooter, now we can say that our hard work is reaping results, we are happy to know that soon we will be able to share the excitement of our new product with you.

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