A former cricketer, a photographer and our first pre-order customer walk into Etergo… (here’s what happened)

With the release of our beloved AppScooter soon approaching, we’ve started conducting test drives at our Amsterdam HQ to hear what you, our loyal followers and investors, think. 

From artists, to entrepreneurs, to stay at home parents, we wanted to know what first attracted people to AppScooter, how we could make their daily commute better and, finally, what they think of our prototype. 

On one of our first test drive days, a band of seemingly different characters showed up at our door. So what happens when a former cricketer, a professional photographer and your first pre-order customer take the AppScooter out for a test drive? 

Find out here:

Nick, the sports guy

Our first surprise visitor, was Nick Compton, former Cricketer for Middlesex County Cricket Club. Now working as a media personality, cricket pundit and ambassador for several companies, Nick spends a lot of time zig zagging the streets of London.

I’m a huge advocate of riding scooters, particularly in cities. I think it just allows you to be far more accessible, get around and not wait in traffic. I hate traffic, I hate big cities, I hate the pollution. In London traffic is horrendous. Driving a scooter can cut your time down by a third and what people need most nowadays is time.

As the company cricket fans casually hung out by the coffee machine, Nick took the AppScooter for a spin. His verdict:

I’ve been driving Vespas etc. for about 10 years. I grew up with one in South Africa going down to beaches. Something like this, an electric scooter, is actually magnificent. There’s no noise, it’s very easy, very simple. I love the technology on the top in terms of the GPS because that’s always been a huge problem for me: Where to put your phone? But very simple, very slick and very good looking.

How would AppScooter help you in your daily routine?

For me, coffee shops, groceries, gym training, going to see friends, movies at night. A big thing would be going to the gym. Being able to put my gym kit underneath and get to places.

So what brought him to Etergo specifically?

Growing up in a nature rich country like South Africa, I think it’s very important we look after our planet. So I think going electric in big urban cities, where pollution is a big issue, is brilliant.

Check out Etergo’s interview with Nick Compton here

Olivier, the artist

A few years ago, Dutch engineering student Olivier Groot started getting bored with his studies. Feeling like he wanted to do something more creative, he brushed off his camera and started snapping away breathtaking landscapes for his Instagram account. 16k followers later, he’s now gone from hobbyist to certified photographer and influencer. 

That has led me to really nice opportunities, including checking out these AppScooters.

What first attracted you to Etergo and AppScooter?

Electric mobility is pretty important to me. The fact that you don’t pollute and you can just charge it at home is great.

How would AppScooter fit in your daily routine?

I’ll usually bike places, but if I need to go to a meeting, be presentable, bring a lot of gear, then I’ll definitely take the scooter every time. 

But it’s not all work and no play. For Olivier, there’s always room for the occasional joyride….

For me, from Delft, I could easily get to Rotterdam with the scooter through the green fields. It would be the loveliest ride. And then bring out my camera gear and start shooting.

Olivier’s verdict after test driving AppScooter:

Serenity comes to my mind. You drive it and it makes no sound. It accelerates nice and rapidly. I can really see how you can zoom through the city nicely to all your appointments and your friends and even bring a crate of beer. It would suit perfectly to get everywhere for me.

Check out our photoshoot/interview with photographer Olivier Groot

Florian, the tech enthusiast

Everyone has a first. Ours was Florian. As a tech enthusiast, fomo for discovering the next new thing is what attracted Florian Admiraal to check out Bolt Mobility (Etergo’s predecessor) 3 years ago.

Out of all the gadgets in the tech world, why Etergo’s AppScooter?

Because it’s electric and I think that’s really important for the future. And I like new things. So gadgets like this and the tech behind it. This is the first one I’ve seen with the touchscreen and everything. So that’s why I was curious about the company (Bolt at the time). And now I’ve gotten to see the whole development of the scooter from scratch.

In the end, he was so excited about the possibilities he saw, that he became the first one to go all in and pre-order the first AppScooter. After his 3 year wait, he finally got the chance to take the prototype for a spin that day. So what did he think?

It runs very fast and the acceleration is very smooth. It’s very comfortable and I think it’s more beautiful than the other electric scooters I’ve seen. So I think they did a great job.

Florian’s final verdict: 

I hope I’m the first to drive it.

Spoken like a true techie. 

Watch Florian cruise by on the AppScooter

At the end of the day, all of our surprise visitors were different, with very different daily mobility needs. 

But, ultimately, whether it was the mobile integrated touchscreen, zipping through the chaotic streets of London, or escaping all the noise on a pleasure ride through the fields, all found their mobility spirit animal in AppScooter.

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